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    Here’s the thing…

    Tome’s promotes players to stay logged in (ie. macroing/playing) much longer.

    Where as trans scrolls has the opposite effect, it reduced player time by avoiding days of macroing.

    The focus should be to keep players logged in for as long as possible.
    A high online/logged-in player base encourages growth.

    I would go as far as to say that the failure rate should apply to trans scrolls not tomes.
    Tomes should be cheaper and easier to find.
    Trans scroll should be more expensive and harder to find.

    I’ve had runs where I would find 4 – 6 trans scrolls.
    That is days of play time removed.

    The fact that you can boost a character to class 4 in a matter of minutes by spamming trans scrolls is insane.

    I would much rather have something like “power hour gems” (instead of trans scrolls) that you can consume to trigger a power hour of your choosing.
    This way, materials are being used, players are macroing, staying logged in, it promotes hunting and it’s a consumable that can burn through currency.

    At this moment I tend to stay logged out until someone msg’s me on Discord with a tome for sale. If that tome fails, I’m logged out again. Apart from hunting a couple of hours a week, there’s no reason to be logged in at all.