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    EDIT: Seems I had to split the post in two separate post. Not sure why.

    “3 or 8 spells is a huge difference”.
    It’s a difference of 5 spells, to be exact, but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s based on a hypothetical scenario that never occurs, such as a 1 mage vs 1 warrior. Are you at all worried about running into a lone mage in the wild, or are you att all threatened by the prospect of a 1v1 situation vs a mage? If not, is that due to mages not wearing both sage’s robe and nagash staff? My guess is “no”, because mages simply doesn’t pose a threat to warriors. It has very little to do with how many spells required to kill someone and more to do with the fact that they are simply not viable to hunt with, hence you never risk encountering one. (And if you do he’s without a horse, naked, and corpse running because he was killed by a black wisp).

    “Sure in theory its easier to find a blackrock weapon for a warrior”

    And also in practice. Blackrock weapons are more common for melee than for ranged, and as a consequence there are more blackrock melee weapons than ranged ones currently on the shard. From my own experience I’ve seen 2 ranged blackrock weapons and an uncountable number of melee ones; YMMV. Thus, warriors can more easily obtain blackrock weapons, and are unaffected from the negative aspects when using them because they do not rely on mana.
    A solution would be to remove the mana drain when equipping blackrock weapons.

    “You make it sound like you can only use 1 pot during an entire fight.”

    Depending on how long the fight is, sure, but the median length of fights doesn’t exceed 30 seconds. It’s also more of a case of “one person running from another” rather “than two people fighting”. So sure, you can run for more than 30 seconds, if you count that as a fight.
    The point is that blackrock for rangers involves a trade-off; possibly a dispel but no teleport, dispel then potion to be able to teleport but no heal for 30 seconds, or no dispel in favor of teleporting and healing. Warriors face no such dilemma; blackrock is a no-brainer to them.
    A partial solution would be to introduce separate cooldowns for healing potions and other potions, or to introduce a “mana fish” similar to “heal fish” (could do away with nightsight fish, for example), or to remove the mana drain when equipping blackrock weapons.