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    Rules that are not definite and can be interpreted or misjudged will probably only make morale of the shard worse. I can already see some long term problems on the horizon:

    1. It gives everyone a reason to bitch and moan about cheating even if nothing wrong actually happened, as in wrongful accusation. That kinda press in the Discord and .chat is going to lower morale and decrease trust in the integrity of the shard.

    2. There’s still going to be a small percentage of people who get away with it, as there’s not enough staff to monitor this all the time.

    3. It gives players a reason to feel and say that the moderators are acting unfairly. Some situations could perceptually be pretty hard to read, which puts a lot of pressure on the staff to make the judgement calls. Even in a totalitarian 0-tolerance environment, this doesn’t equate good change.

    4. It takes a lot of the open-world fun this game has to offer and throws it in the trash. Like schaukoski was saying, if it can be done in the game, its probably best to leave it, unless a new game mechanic can be introduced which either mitigates the problems, or gets rid of them completely.

    5. Thief class is definitely over-powered, but removing their ability to hunt victims in dungeons any way they wish drags the class through the mud, and it pretty much completely destroys the interest in the character beyond mild PvM.

    Solutions? Well– I’d suggest making Thieves less OP first.

    Adjust their ability to hide and stealth slightly downward (maybe higher fail rate for hiding around hostiles, an increased fail rate for both hide/stealth when characters with CHARTYPE IS or HS are around– given that human beings would probably more likely spot someone) and maybe slightly decrease their damage increase per level.

    From there really all that needs to be done is getting rid of ghost manifestation and making them always visible. Spying is really the only mechanic that function provides anyhow, unless there’s something beneath the surface I’m not accounting for.

    Is all of that stuff really hard to do? Like complicated– or maybe time consuming?
    I honestly feel like a huge pain in the ass writing out as much as I do, and expecting others to program and constantly “fix” a shard I get to play for free. I wouldn’t be angry whether you did everything I said or absolutely nothing, to be honest. I just enjoy this shard and want to see it stick around for a while.

    This subject needs some voices and attention to detail.