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    People, look at yourself, you dismoraled the Russian people. I hate to read your posts, you are very low in this.
    Every day I see in the chat ban Russian players, Russians are bad and crazy.
    You yourself daily insult us that we can’t normally answer you and let us know that we don’t care for your opinion.

    What you chop in the safe zone is a bonus for you, which you use, rejoice that the staff did this zone for you to chop.
     You cut down a tree and whine – how to endure it ??
    You will suffer if the staff is asked to put a captcha on the extraction of resources for every 10 minutes, so that you do not stand on the macro and watch the character, you will groan from discontent and the Russians will again be guilty.

    When we didn’t play, who was to blame for all your problems?

    What I want to say about ghosting.
    You can make the ghost not see people and chat, it is possible.
    But you do not understand the meaning of ghosting at all.

    I came to the guild house 1, in my clothes with my drawn charms and stood there and looked, these dissatisfied faces screamed to me that they were dying and threatened to ban without any reason.

    Then everyone shouted that we would be banned.

    I do not know what kind of upbringing you have but not all the players have such an ugly attitude, and it is they who let him down on the Russians.

    Some may say hello and ask how are you and something to tell, for that they have a lot of respect.

    A gang of whiners.

    Regarding fixes, I created a topic with questions for processing and nobody even went to it and did not write anything except for one stupid message. What can there be at all then?!?!?!?

    You have to shut up and not to shame.

    The most important whiner is Atlantis – a girl with a pod.

    shut up forever.

    *you are nobody,
    Guild $ (a buck)