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    w.r.t. safe zones, recalls, runebooks, durability of armours and items I wouldn’t vote to make any of these changes.

    I don’t really understand the comments on being able to make gold, every class has a way to farm gold and they’re all pretty equal at the moment (exception warrior).

    The best choice for armour/prot combinations are already being created by crafters so I don’t see how nerfing other armour sets would increase the need for crafters. I’d even argue that pentagram armours are not good enough, considering how long it takes to collect them. I think you should always be able to buy houses but it would be cool if crafters could make different styles not available or different coloured boats and things.

    Bard class is tough, it has very limited uses at the moment. Personally I think making the changes to resources is just going to increase the amount of people who use more than 2 clients. It’s already a big enough problem.

    Thief: people using spec thief poison on other classes would be OP, single charge or not it isn’t going to make a difference when u carry 20 weapons. Stealing from players to me is a terrible idea and I hope it never gets implemented lol. Thieves make decent gold already and can farm items not available otherwise (except hunting) so I think it’s good how it is.

    In general the ideas are decent but I’m skeptical that it would be accepted by the majority of the player base. The average players age is probably 30-35 and they don’t want to deal with quality of life issues these changes create. I also think it increases the gap between solo players/smaller groups and the bigger guilds. The larger groups already have the advantage just simply due to their ability to grind more mats and items. These changes make it more difficult for the solo/smaller groups.

    I’ve always had the most fun on shards that had 1 account, 1-2 players max per person so you had to work with others. I doubt people want to do that as they would have to rely on others lol. People can’t even agree to simple rules like ghosting, using 3+ clients, auto-looters, assistance programs and shit. Unfortunately the pvp/loot aspect of the game, which is what makes UO so great/exciting, don’t get me wrong, seems to drive people to use these things.