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    I’ve been barking about this for a while. I was so stoked when Nagash threw an update up about adding more spawns to the wild. It definitely made a difference– but that was before the player base increase I believe. Or right around the same time.

    I’ve been trying to justify why they may be opposed to adding a lot of spawns. Maybe it would create an imbalance in the economics? If that is the case, then maybe slightly decrease the amount of loot dropped before adding more spawns. I would much rather get more action and actually play the game than worry about the loot.

    Regardless, it gets kinda boring running around the wild and running into nothing, and its part of the reason I’ve been less inclined to play. PvP is a lot more fun and balanced out in the world and outside of dungeons in my opinion. More action out in the wild would also be good for increasing chance of encounters. Especially spawns that are stationary such as the Term spawn at the swamp.

    So many cool land marks to use. A lot of space just rotting for no reason. Like that Black Wisp spawn at the Training Tower above wind. Seems like a great place to add a boss. Would be a lot of fun having a PvP encounter there.

    Also, I made a thread about tracking and creating a category for bosses so that they are a little more easily trackable. Bosses such as Bllama and Wizard Bullfrog also go unnoticed because nobodys tracking animals. Plus, scrolling through Lizardmen can be a drag.


    Maybe remind the staff we would like to see this addition?

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