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    PVP isn’t the only thing to do in this game. There are some of us who still need to acquire gear and cannot do so efficiently. and unbuffed has always been instant death to someone who is buffed. Also who the fuck runs lvl 6 ranger for pvp? its stupid. Death without teleport. This is my issue. the server keeps being crafted around the few and not the many. Loot was dropped once the “Elites” geared then the second wave of players are having a much harder time with certain items like mods/sages. Then you go ahead and drop buffs because people run around unbuffed? stupid nobody does that. also everyone has a mage lvl 5 or better and nagash for fair buffs? Also who doesn’t have a blackrock? everyone has one. Remove them before fuckin buff limits. All this did was drop every ones buff to shit unless your lvl six with nagash and sages and your barely ganna notice the drop. For us who are without lvl six and sages. im 150/150 eval magery lvl 5 with nagash and im hitting 50s. So no your not balancing anything with this update. You and your guild and a few others are going to benefit and be able to kill them Russians easier is all.. Stop thinking everyone has all these items because they don’t. So if we keep this update item wipe everyone then we can all start over im okay with this. want fair pvp make it fair.