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    yes but your mage was lvl 6 so ur boost was still good, And thats a lie but good try gagu i know for a fact you had a sages befor me but only wanted mine for YOUR pp lmao…. I know where moffe house is and use to watch you guys use him for boost when you set up a script for autoboosting he had sages on and he had sages before me… WAY before me lol you guys wanted a SECOND sages… Thats when you guys tried to trade me lol…. for your pp or another mage…

    and yes the 20%….. i was boosting 72,78,82,89 highest….
    now today i boost 51,54,56…….. ????? sages and staff and lvl 5 150 magery 140 eval int….

    people complained about pps and thiefs so much yet no changes… loki makes post about boost after losing to russians in arena the (1) guild…. They made updates faster then i seen a update on this sever lmao