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    yes i think im actually for an item wipe……..but then again will have to be a full wipe because like me and turmoil stated before…. Even tomes Certain people took Advantage of which mostly was (1) guild and (EZ) guild tomes where decent to find those guys hit lvl 6…. They updated to make tomes harder all sudden??…. This is to obvious certain players get advantages…. And i hunt alot use to find tomes… i want to say past months in half or more i didnt find one warrior tome?… But before update i was high lvl 5 and finding tomes because i hunt so much…. Now i find 0 literally 0……. i only find thief and bard tomes…. Dont get me wrong warrior tomes where never really common but i did find them obviously as i stated i am high lvl 5….. Then after a update i havent found one? lmao dont make sense