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    Item wipe. id be loosing a lot too I have no qualms with it. your ganna change hunting abilites now that its late game and people have the best shit there is sitting in the bank well others play catch up? nah aint for it item wipe we can all start how the server sits. all fresh. fuck it restart skills too I dun fuckin care. But this shit will be onesided. wipe ill make a thief and kill everyone. im okay with this. I wont have to learn to pvp hide shoot and giggle as my poison kills them and be damned ill get that aoe item and take out 7 people at once with one poison tick seeing how the highest stats without a suit for a escape or kings will be getting you low 200s. damn that sounds amazing to me psn everyone around me take there shit and bank it. woot woot. I stand by this being a shit update the argument that it balances pvp is stupid. everyones still ganna try to hit them with a brock first then continue the same way as before. it just makes those with better items better. plain and simple. now it will be more who has the biggest fuckin dildo to hit someone with then boosts and pure skill. end of story that’s reality. want fair pvp Kill classes. kill mods and prots. kill it all and play normal uo learn to actually play the game the way it was intented zulu has never been this and changing it the way you have been is just putting whoever is complaining the most or whoever is more favored ahead of others. Why did i need community support to get them to add in more spawns but they just change the boost shit cause someone said it would work? people who havent scripted or hosted or ran a server. its just people who want to get ahead plain and simple and they just accomplished that. item wise now the competion is dead. Its not pvp its a assraping they wanted. they wanted to turn whoever they see over and stickem right in the brownspot without lube and for people not to be able to do anything about it. all them stat suits are ganna be real worth it now. seeing how the boosts suck. So yea they will take a hit. they will still be running plus 300 dex and everyone else will be fighting to see 250.