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    Player number more likely drop because ZH Europe “reopened” on Sunday afternoon.
    Everyone too busy looking there to see if the grass is greener…

    Admins provide server for no charge, take their time to try make place for us to enjoy and here is one huge whine-fest. You are ungrateful.

    Stop thinking negative and give admins chance to make and test changes. YES there will be bad experiences along the way, but damnit I’m still playing UO (zh style) after over 20 years and still enjoying it even if my noob warrior gets ass kicked every 5 mins!

    If you don’t like the way the shard is going there are alternatives, go be unhappy elsewhere. If you feel one guild is getting preferential treatment.. get over it, life never seems fair even when you on the winning side.

    If none of you will say it!
    To Nagash and Dreams:
    Thank you for your time, effort, energy and patience. There are people out here who do appreciate what you do.