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    Everyone who is going to benefit from this is pushing for it everyone who isnt hates it. I say fuck it keep the update just do a item wipe no issue there for me. Will also promote hunting again and you guys can have all the pvp you want plus more because it will lure people outside. I mean besides the fact youll have nothing and youll actually have to fight on equal standings like you know those people who are not running around with full escape slot suit and a leech swift dev, couple bloody devs.. You know the magical shit from magical fairy land that just so happened to appear prior to the rest of us really getting around to playing. If loot wasnt changed you dudes should be playing the powerball not this shit. 1/100k chance drops and just loaded down with them. Super cool. Obtained legitimately i assume but before ether the RNG is fucking itself like only you few really want to talk me into believing or the loot was changed or you had a way to collect massive amounts of loot. Tmaps who knows. Ether way it doesnt seem possible to do this now for everyone else and the balance of the server will always go to those items already in existance. Item wipe or reverse update or do whatever the hell you want. Worst case ill just stop playing. Its only uo anyways theres plenty of cool shit to go spend my time on with alot less bullshit to deal with.
    And i never once said i didnt appreciate Nagash or Dreams. I know them both and up until now had no issues. However lately the masses have been ignored for the few small groups of players *VIPS* we will call them. So aslong as those 10 VIPS are happy the remaining 90 players actually lets say 50 the rest are just russians beating the client cap anyways. Are completely useless fodder to entertain the vips. i mean really common now. i havent even seen a update that didnt make thieves better every time. Now just give them a AOE weapon that doesnt use stats as the base for damage and lower everyone elses ability to produce and mitigate damage. Making them more open. Dont believe it go test the sure strike with a lvl 6 thief and rush them with 8 guys and see what happens to them all. Stupid just Stupid.