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    Why is it nobody else can recreate that video? also what were the stats exactly on that naked player? and you were only using dex modes no shit you it didnt take long 130 health is always ganna be two shots from a boosted ranger. now you just get to stay at that health forever no worries right. test a psn tick on that ranger too. instant death. if that thief is boosted or not. This test was shit. all it shows is someone dieing and nothing of the toon that did it. From what i could see that other char was hitting over 400 dex somehow and im pretty damn sure that wasnt possible with max 109/109 cause 150 plus 109 plus 109 is less then 400 and im damn sure your not base 150 legit on dex ether. unless you really took out all those champ spawns unlikely. and that naked dude is shooting faster then my char with dex mods and the old 109 boost. But let me guess thats again a failure on my part and i just dont know how to play right. I think it is so funny that is what (I) goes to always You just dont know how to play. said to everyone that doesnt agree with them. Or the funniest one was when i heard tipsy say he was going to kill braveheart in real life. like go beat him up and kill him what are we 12? Natas tanny may sound like a blabbering bitching idiot and thats because he really doesnt clean up his writing and he does go way off the wall but there is quite a bit of truth to what he is saying and it took me talking to multiple people and seeing how things just randomly seem to be pushed in someone elses favor despite what the community says and when the community does want something like world spawns its just completely ignored.