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    Wow… so much anger and hostility! Relax, it’s a game, to be played for fun and distraction. I don’t really hunt so these changes haven’t affected my game play whatsoever. I say this because I know that’s the first shot that will be taken at me.
    Also about the aforementioned Guilds having “advantages”. The only “advantages” I see here are the ones they created for themselves by actually working as a GUILD!! “Teamwork” and “Guild loyalty” seems to be somewhat of a foreign concept to most. Seems like in most Guilds it’s pretty much every man for themselves. They SELL the items to their “mates” and if they can’t afford to buy it or have nothing worthwhile to trade for it, they sell to outsiders for personal gain!! And that benefits your Guild how??
    Those Guilds that are being complained about got ahead of most by working as a TEAM from the jump. Pooling their resources, hunting together, sharing all the loot. No items left their Guild if another member could benefit from it.
    Seems a pretty simple example to follow.
    So if you want to “solo” hunt, then do it. Just don’t cry that it take 20 seconds longer to kill something or that there is an actual possibility that you just might lose!
    Seriously… Grow up. You’re embarrassing yourselves.
    The update effected everyone straight across the board. The idea that certain players were targeted one way or another on a personal level is ridiculous.
    You want the same “advantages” as those Guild you’re bitching about?? Put aside your self-serving, entitled attitudes and show some selflessness and Guild loyalty and you just MAY achieve what they have.
    Stop pouting and play… or not. Ultimately your decision.