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    So turmoil, you are implying from our private messages that I got anything to do with the updates? Did I leave suggestions to Nagash? Hell yeah. Did I like Every update ever made on the shard? Hell no, I whined like a bitch about every update theres been probably, just ask Nagash how much suggestions I give him and he throws them right in the trash can.

    You are also taking pms out of context and im not a fan of ppl first trying to before friends and after that stab them in their back and start bad mouthing them like you do.

    Yes I got worse suit on me than you got atm while im hunting , even though I got good gear aswell.
    The update isnt that much of a change that you are implying and I like the update even though I would like other changes and im all for an item wipe aswell .

    On Another hand, i also been bitching about the loot being shit now, also something you implying I had something to do with?

    If you like a constructive conversation you can unblock me on discord, ignoring someone cause They got Another opinion is just weird.

    // Grym