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    Oh and Turmoil… FYI I leave town plenty. I just don’t happen to go where you are. I’m not going to feel bad because I stand in one spot grinding out resources for other players to use to build skills. They are ACTUALLY building their characters by putting in the time and doing the work and EARNING their skill points. They did not come on the scene and build their skills with a handful of trans scrolls then brag that it only took them a week to make a character. Big deal! Here’s a cookie.
    And what’s this crap threatening my crafter on chat?? Are you kidding me? If killing a crafter does it for ya and makes you feel like a Hero, then go for it! Fill yer boots! Trust me when I say that would be a mistake but if it makes you feel accomplished and tough, well have at it.
    I’m a nice person. I’m polite and helpful. If I can’t say something nice, I try not to say anything at all. But seeing you boast and brag about how great you are on guildchat ALL THE TIME is rather nauseating after a while. So I’m sure I’m speaking for many others when I say… Put a sock in it would ya!! All this name dropping garbage is pathetic. No one cares! You are forever yapping that you have this big influence on the Developers and talk like you have Nagash in your pocket. Hate to break it to you but TONS of people have Nagash on Discord, you’re not special.
    Only thing I ever heard about your staff characters(from anyone else besides you), is that you were corrupt as hell and a cheater. So who are you to be pointing fingers or to be making accusations towards anyone? Remember when you are pointing one finger at someone, three more are pointing back at you!
    Also… posting private conversations on a public forum says more about YOUR character than the person who trusted you with his privacy and confidence. If anything, it shows that it’s YOU that is not trustworthy.SHAME ON YOU!!
    Stop being a whiny crybaby and move on.. either play or don’t. Trust me when I say no one really cares one way or another.