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    And since you two besties write about the same thing in every topic I might as well answer in this topic which has nothing to do with the recent patch…
    I wrote the post about boosts being too powerful in FEBRUARY, which is waaaaaaay before the russians had any power at all, and before we had sages(possibly before spec 6 too)
    This is the first I play UO since Dreams/Valhalla so Im used to 54-boosts at the very highest. Seeing how strong boosts are now they really do need to get tuned down.
    Staff does NOT do our bidding. Im suprised they listened at all, maybe the video which was posted recently helped a bit.
    The only reason you whine about this is because it makes the game a tiny bit more challenging. I understand it’s fun to kill everything super fast and get easy loot. But if you want no challenge and killing stuff fast, go play Diablo 3 lvl 1 Grifts over and over, then mobs will die super fast and it’s no challenge what so ever. PERFECT game for you