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    Yes it is ridiculus
    Just goes to show that the game is too balanced around people being buffed. A ranger dying in 6 ticks on the other hand isnt a that big deal.
    The game should be less balanced around being buffed, only way is to reduce buffs, reduce dmg done and monster HP and increase attack speed to make up for the loss of dex
    That way you will be back on the same level with lower buffs as you were before with higher buffs. But you wont be as weak without buffs. And the people with spec 6 sages mage wont be at as much of an advantage as they are now

    Edit: Keep in mind I propose this and I play thief. I would love to see the buff nerfed and dmg nerfed eventhough it would be devastating in PvP as a thief. It’s the right thing to do to make the game balanced