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    First off i never said i had anyone in my pocket, I mentioned i was buddies with nagash and also I said i worked with both of them prior. I also Iold you before i never got along with dreams only nagash and i wonder who your talking to about all my corrupt cheating. See how ive never played and staffed or developed at the same time besides on unreal (nothing to do with nagash or dreams that was montuz). As for showing my character showing messages, You realize he messaged me to try to hush me up i didnt add him to my discord he messaged me. I never befriended anyone ether. I allowed him to rant until it annoyed me and blocked him. As for killing your crafter i said im going to kill anyone in *BOYS* because you run around thinking you have some intellectual presence over people. Like you know so much. You have shit friends who you like to talk to and be buddy with. I know this because the only people who know anything about me and talk about me has no idea who you are. So where you getting information is invalid. So yes i told everyone im no longer friendly and to kill me on site because i will be doing the same. It would be really rude to just murder someone who thought they were safe. I was just making things clear. I did say you were the reason thats the truth and i wont deny it. You’ve annoyed me enough. You act like you were watching over my shoulder for the last 5 servers. You dont even know me. Nor do you speak to anyone who has any knowledge of me.