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    Everyone has brocks and Everyone has buffs. I dont see how changing this would change pvp at all. IF all these changes your now talking about came with the update sure no issues at all. But they didnt. And other then having lower health buffed and being able to get three ticked buffed. I dont see how this even changed the way pvp is fought. Every server has always been the same way. buff V Unbuffed unbuffed loses unless the unbuffed has shitloads of mods on but if they have shitloads of mods they have a brock. So they just unbuff the other dude. This doesnt change the way anyone is going to fight. Besides thieves will be able to tick an entire group of people who still wont be carrying good items and they will all just fall over dead.
    Get rid of blackrocks. They make the game unbalanced.