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    Turmoil, I laughed when you named dropped my son as a buddy from EZ guild. You didn’t know that either, Mr. Inside Information. My stepson also knows you very well. You just didn’t know that either. “I stood on a hill with Casey as he created Stomp after Stomp for his friends. Guy is corrupt as hell.” Your enormous EGO is what is so annoying.
    Also… more people know me than you think, they just don’t tell YOU. It’s none of your business. I have no need to run around trying to seek recognition. I’m not desperate for attention. Them that know me from the past do. Those that don’t, don’t. I’m good with that. I never felt the need to run around announcing myself to get favors, frankly, the opposite. I never heard of you either. You were definitely not part of the original ZH Shard. I was… And I’m not alone. Your own guildmate knows me from then. He just didn’t tell you out of RESPECT for me. Hate to burst your bubble.
    Only noticed you when you started posting crap on Omega discord channel about this shard, even before you played here. As for superior intellect of BOYS? I guess you must feel threatened by intelligence or your panties wouldn’t be so knotted up. Your feelings of self importance are pitiful. You really think I waste that much time thinking about you? Good grief, get over yourself. You really aren’t that interesting. Just annoying, like a whiney toddler standing at my knee. Show some self respect. Stop crying.
    Also, if you were such an important influence on ZuluHotel, where is your GM weapon namesake? Oh yeah, that’s right… you don’t have one.
    Legend in your own mind.