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    Funny cinder how you try to twist everything i say and make it sound like im saying ohh he was my best friend, Seriously i mentioned that the only one in ez i knew was deme and didnt have a issue with them, I also said none of this was about EZ and that ive known deme dont remember saying were were best buds lol. And if your talking about me spawning monsters that was a over exaggeration aswell. Well on unreal i would randomly spawn mobs for hunting parties ALL hunting parties it was something i did for everyone all the time, And trust me id didnt always work out well for them when i did it ether. Not only do i not have to defend myself for that because that was something i could do. That was between me and montuz and really nobody elses business. I dont see how that was corruption? Or cheating? whos your step son? And you said deme didnt know me very well yourself so your getting this information from who again? See you just dont like me so your trying to really find a reason to make me look like someone im not, However in reality non of these things have i ever been accused of before in all these years. Never once has anything like this been brought up. Pretty much everyone knows my player toons never once have i been accused of anything prior to this. Even the people who im arguing against aint trying to pull some bullshit like trying to make me out to be someone im not. Thats you all you. And your the only one ever to say anything its kinda weird seeing how you have no fucking clue about me like i said. So bring some real people to the table to accuse me of that shit. Not someone who is just saying this is what i heard. Well fuck i heard storks drop babys off and there a bunny that lays Easter eggs. Hearsay. Made up, Not real.