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    Mages does need a rework for sure
    But mages can hide with fish and spells, they will outheal a thief with spells any day (I would never use bandages as thief in PvP, it’s only to save tamlas in PvM)
    They get macefighting for free the same way thieves get fencing and archery.
    But if you rather do it like Ranger have, being able to use Forensic without losing classe % that’s fine too.

    Im all for nerfing poison damage, but not making the class useless. That would just make all the work Dreams have done with thieves for nothing

    The problem with poison damage is that it’s scaled for a fight when people are buffed, one they get dispelled the poison is clearly too powerful, but that’s because buffs are too powerful, if buffs werent as strong, you could easily scale down poison too and it wont kill you instantly when you get dispelled. But thieves deal so little physical damage, they wont hit hard enough to go through armor, so they rely solely on poison damage to PvP. I don’t like that part, cuz then they can just shoot and hide. They should have to keep on shooting in order to be a real threat in PvP in my opinion.
    I am working on an idea for a solution for this and will reveal it soon enough. Will see how the response turns out