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    Problem is if you add to many class specific items you will end up with gears that are only for ranger, only for warriors, only for thieves. And you will find so much loot you cant use or if you kill anyone that isn’t your class, you cant use any of the stuff. Free skills aren’t really free. You need 90 all skills to get “90 archery” etc. So many skills has no use, the archery/fencing is the reward for macroing those useless skills
    and having those extra skills as how rangers get forensic is just too many skills. And it would defeat the purpose of getting higher level, as you can just get archery tomes and macro that.
    There are other ways of balancing this. the fencing for thieves isn’t strong really. Archery is what you will use 90% of the time as you cant wear a shield and don’t have warrior’s built in melee prot so you die from most things.