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    Pushing almost-useful items to be good can maybe work? Like adding speed prefix to weapons, steel prefix to clothing maybe or minor attributes like free action and heal mods?

    Maybe incorporating crafter stuff for some nice synergy, as they tend to fall behind a bit in usefulness when gear progression gets far enough (at least I think so..?). Adding minor armor bonus suffixes to armor or durability maybe. Maybe some way to make crafted weapons decent one day… ^^

    Or maybe rerolling slayer attributes of a weapon, for a chance to get something better on one that is already awesome expect its slayer sucks?

    Also limiting number of rituals performed on an item could help prevent things to get out of hand? If that wasn’t the case already back in the days, idk.

    Maybe rituals could be used to bump one (random?) attribute of an item up 1 level. So you won’t get a stygian bow of deva unless you perform it on a stygian bow of vanq.

    Making items truly indestructible would be cool too and not very OP ^^