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    Not sure what mobs you hunt?
    But found bloody and a few stats mods and you try tellings us to hunt more?
    Im quite positive my guild hunt the must in the game.

    The loot is kinda good, swift deva is rare, but not that rare. Books drop quite frequently.

    Treasure maps are not under loot imo, i got like 500 lvl5 tmaps and 200 lvl6 tmaps (it drops almost TOO MUCH 🙂

    But stygian for me seems really really hard to get, and imo its a bigger chance of statmods dropping of umbral flickers and black wisps which Im not a fan of.

    For me it should be the same chance for statmods dropping of bossed, and im quite sure i looted and killed more bosses than flickers/wisps, but found stat mods on flickers/wisps. Not sure about how the lootlevel are on this though?