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    The whole blackrock scenario has been very unclear from the start. It is hard to believe that it would infact be possible to find, seeing as none has been able to find them. I’ve been told that only the “super bosses”, meaning, dragon king, dragon queen, balron general etc. Are capable of dropping blackrock, if this is true, i dont know.

    I have specifically been hunting down those very bosses, and quite frankly, ive had worse luck with them then the normal bosses. Something must have been changed since the begining. Books is a prime example, i have not found one for 2 months, while i found 4 in the same week within the first month. Prots,mods,gm weapons also seems to have the chance reduced.

    Loot is a serious concern right now, i find close to no motivation to hunt, ive been consistently clearing the majority of the dungeons for the last couple of weeks, once or twice a day and honestly, ive found nothing worth mentioning.

    The power tomes is a really nice addition for sure. I don’t think any of the changes has fucked up warriors, infact it’s closer to how it should be, but like mentioned above, with blackrock and assassins weapons removed from the loot, they stand close to no chance against either ranger or pp.

    I’m not saying increasing and “fixing” the loot will make magic happen and make people come back and play, but im sure it would help out in the process.

    I never quite understood the concept of low loot, it has never promoted any pvp, let alone motivation to hunt.

    I think it needs to be looked at, i can say for sure that i’ve been one of the guys that has been hunting the most, and ive been here since day one. You mostly find master items, vanq weapons and a couple of grandmaster items and semi bad lvl 4 prots. Nothing that personally excites me.

    It feels like the loot has been lowered since the first month, maybe im just being super unlucky but it is just not me with the same concern, most people who spent enough time hunting know what im talking about.

    Im pretty sure im the best geared ranger, and one of the best geared pp on the server, with that said, id love to see other people catch up and get a boost in the loot.

    higher loot does promote motivation to hunt, it does promote pvp, simply because you would more easily find people outside hunting. And with higher loot people would not be as afraid of getting killed.

    I would personally like to see a boost of everything but skill mods, they are good as they are and grandmaster is pretty rare but not too uncommon. But as for mods, gm weapons, books, they are far to hard to come across. There still has not been a single Sage’s Robe found. I would also like blackrock weapons to be implanted in the loot in order to provide a balance in the pvp between all the classes