New updates fcked warriors ALOT

General Bugs / Suggestions New updates fcked warriors ALOT

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      So I just read the the new updates, which is quite terrible, too say the least.
      First of all:
      Blackrock Weapons isnt implemented (our guild have hunted INSANELY much so if they were we would find one).
      Then we find the ability to use vampiric weapons, which you changed. And you changed aswell the ability for warriors to ever wear flawless moonstone which always worked in that way some guys did. So that doesnt work neither. And bloody, you changed aswell (which wasnt that OP first of all, and it was the same way it ALWAYS been).

      Rangers are OP atm, noone can stand a chance against rangers due to the fact they can dispell and mass dispell.
      Without blackrock warriors arent any good, with the vampiric the way it was you could win as a warrior against a ranger, but now you 0% chance against a good ranger.

      You need to implement blackrock for warriors to be playable in pvp, otherwise this shard will die out and only rangers will be playable.

      I really dunno why these changes has been implemented? All other classes can use items so they cant be An orted atleast, warriors got no possibility for that cause of the vampiric change.

      Sry for the long forum post, but im quite disappointed at these changes as they fcked warriors ALOT.

      Im not really sure, but for me it looks like you want everyone to play ranger?

      And btw, the loot. Its too low, the shard is not gonna be alive more cause of the loot being too hard. If the loot was good, ppl would start hunting in dungeons and pvp would be alive (thats logical).

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        The whole blackrock scenario has been very unclear from the start. It is hard to believe that it would infact be possible to find, seeing as none has been able to find them. I’ve been told that only the “super bosses”, meaning, dragon king, dragon queen, balron general etc. Are capable of dropping blackrock, if this is true, i dont know.

        I have specifically been hunting down those very bosses, and quite frankly, ive had worse luck with them then the normal bosses. Something must have been changed since the begining. Books is a prime example, i have not found one for 2 months, while i found 4 in the same week within the first month. Prots,mods,gm weapons also seems to have the chance reduced.

        Loot is a serious concern right now, i find close to no motivation to hunt, ive been consistently clearing the majority of the dungeons for the last couple of weeks, once or twice a day and honestly, ive found nothing worth mentioning.

        The power tomes is a really nice addition for sure. I don’t think any of the changes has fucked up warriors, infact it’s closer to how it should be, but like mentioned above, with blackrock and assassins weapons removed from the loot, they stand close to no chance against either ranger or pp.

        I’m not saying increasing and “fixing” the loot will make magic happen and make people come back and play, but im sure it would help out in the process.

        I never quite understood the concept of low loot, it has never promoted any pvp, let alone motivation to hunt.

        I think it needs to be looked at, i can say for sure that i’ve been one of the guys that has been hunting the most, and ive been here since day one. You mostly find master items, vanq weapons and a couple of grandmaster items and semi bad lvl 4 prots. Nothing that personally excites me.

        It feels like the loot has been lowered since the first month, maybe im just being super unlucky but it is just not me with the same concern, most people who spent enough time hunting know what im talking about.

        Im pretty sure im the best geared ranger, and one of the best geared pp on the server, with that said, id love to see other people catch up and get a boost in the loot.

        higher loot does promote motivation to hunt, it does promote pvp, simply because you would more easily find people outside hunting. And with higher loot people would not be as afraid of getting killed.

        I would personally like to see a boost of everything but skill mods, they are good as they are and grandmaster is pretty rare but not too uncommon. But as for mods, gm weapons, books, they are far to hard to come across. There still has not been a single Sage’s Robe found. I would also like blackrock weapons to be implanted in the loot in order to provide a balance in the pvp between all the classes

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          Gotta say that I agree with most of what is said here.

          As far as class purpose on this shard, warriors seem to have none. They already suffer the consequences of proximity, especially given that most of the people playing the shard are rangers. Almost every single boss casts, which makes them worthless for PVM as well. Whats the point?

          Feels like Ranger City. Which also encourages solo hunting more than it encourages a group effort, which in turn ultimately decreases the play-ability of the shard. Sometimes it feels easier to hunt alone rather than try to get a group together, which shouldn’t be the case if we want to encourage more people to play.

          Loot does seem a little bit too difficult. Ive yet to find really anything to be proud of, although I dont get too much of a chance to play. Maybe like 10-20 bosses a day, but youd think after a few weeks of doing so Id have ONE thing to show for it. Not so much.

          If not increase the drops, maybe there could be more spawns? I would honestly rather see that happen. Seems like a lot of the map has gone to waste. Minoc has no boss. No Grotto. Several dungeons are unused. Why not just scattter some boss spawns all around the map to encourage some exploration, rather than the systematic boss runebook run that everyone seems to be competing for?

          Just ideas, not dogma. Yet I understand and have the same concerns.

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            Thing is warriors need way better gear than rangers to be effective pvm, since some monsters hit so god damned hard. Also the way armor works makes some buffs absolutely essential for warriors pvm. Monster evasion rate also hurt warriors pretty bad, which is due to their very high combat skills I think.

            I’m lucky to have had a ranger friend gear my warrior up and I can now kill most mobs almost as effectively as him, and some mobs even more so (thx Dead, R.I.P.).

            My three main concerns for warrior pvm balance are:
            1. Boss melee damage
            Think you’re gonna be a mage-killer since you’re a warrior, I mean they hit you for 125% spell damage because of your spec, but as long as you stay close you will have a decent shot? Nope, caster bosses are among the hardest-hitting in the game and will smash your face in. Unless you’re going in with lv6 melee prot and almost 200 armor forget about it.
            They are not the only ones tho, melee damage is absurd unless you’re really decked out and buffed to the teeth. On the other end of the spectrum are bosses like Succubus that seem to have broken melee weps and deal 0 damage to all chars, except maybe mages idk, but I think those are bugged.
            BUT on the other hand, if warriors were to survive decently melee vs bosses, imagine how much they would face roll everything once they get said super gear and über buffs… Would it be broken? Or are warriors with that kind of equipment supposed to be able to cheese most bosses?

            2. Melee hit rate
            Now I discussed this briefly with Nagash recently and most high bosses have combat skills around 180-200, presumably to not miss and to deal more damage. Thing is I think this affects the chance players have to hit them as well. Your combat skill (presumably 130-150) is compared to theirs (180-200) do determine both your hit rate and dodge rate so to speak. This totally blows for warriors against some mobs. Golden/silver dragons and some fast moving wyrms are prime examples, since they die pretty quickly but hurt as hell.
            Again, fixing this by lowering boss skills would make good geared warriors very powerful, especially with bloody weapons.

            3. Warrior armor
            Warriors have about as much armor as a ranger plus a shield. With buffs the difference is more or less neglectable. Sure shields add more damage reduction than just the raw ar, but it still feels like mobs ar balanced for insanely high ar. I have felt much more powerful as our buffs have increased, and right now melee damage seems quite manageable, but I get more than twice as much armor with buffs than I do unbuffed with shield, which I think is quite ridiculous. I always thought ZH has had way too much emphasis on magic buffs though in general. Which also adds to what others have said about rangers being able to dispel while brock weps never drop to tilt the balance in favor of rangers even more.

            But tbh caster mobs should be your least concern. Get lv3 all prots (holy you can keep unequipped until you face one of the rare holy casters). This should be easier now that we can equip gem and silver dragon stuff. Get lv3 heal mod from elven gm armor, lv4+ necro prot and a free action jewel. Use a spear/pitchfork and spam bandages as needed. But then again, everything pretty much requires lv5 mage buffs too.

            An alternative to more spawns, or as a complement to it, would be to lower respawn times. I don’t see how maybe 1-hour respawn for all bosses would hurt? Right now one person can clear the entire world of bosses and still have to wait for respawns, that doesn’t make sense in an MMO. Also keeping all bosses in the same dungeon to the same respawn time would make sense imo. Kinda sucks to go through an entire dungeon because the first boss you checked was spawned to realize it was only that one boss or maybe one more.

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              Also I think the nagash staff (while I really love it) has blown up the power of dispels to unrealistic proportions. With the introduction of tomes/scrolls I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see people getting +250 all stats and +120 armor from it.
              If buffs were less powerful the fact that warriors have no way around dispel wouldn’t be so game breaking.

              I know it is too much to chance at this stage. But if I was to wish freely I’d say lower damage from mobs, lower their HP, lower their combat skills to make players hit more, increase warrior armor a bit, maybe buff shields, lower stat gains from buffs by at least 50%, probably even more, at top level. In the end players should kill bosses faster despite the nerf to boosts. And dispelling should be really good pvp but not totally break down the opponent.


                  Thanks for the lengthy feedback. Dreams and myself are looking into balancing the classes a bit better. Expect some changes before the next restart.

                  On a side-note all the boss re-spawn timers in dungeons have been decreased from 160 to 60 minutes. Enjoy.

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