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    Gotta say that I agree with most of what is said here.

    As far as class purpose on this shard, warriors seem to have none. They already suffer the consequences of proximity, especially given that most of the people playing the shard are rangers. Almost every single boss casts, which makes them worthless for PVM as well. Whats the point?

    Feels like Ranger City. Which also encourages solo hunting more than it encourages a group effort, which in turn ultimately decreases the play-ability of the shard. Sometimes it feels easier to hunt alone rather than try to get a group together, which shouldn’t be the case if we want to encourage more people to play.

    Loot does seem a little bit too difficult. Ive yet to find really anything to be proud of, although I dont get too much of a chance to play. Maybe like 10-20 bosses a day, but youd think after a few weeks of doing so Id have ONE thing to show for it. Not so much.

    If not increase the drops, maybe there could be more spawns? I would honestly rather see that happen. Seems like a lot of the map has gone to waste. Minoc has no boss. No Grotto. Several dungeons are unused. Why not just scattter some boss spawns all around the map to encourage some exploration, rather than the systematic boss runebook run that everyone seems to be competing for?

    Just ideas, not dogma. Yet I understand and have the same concerns.