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    Thing is warriors need way better gear than rangers to be effective pvm, since some monsters hit so god damned hard. Also the way armor works makes some buffs absolutely essential for warriors pvm. Monster evasion rate also hurt warriors pretty bad, which is due to their very high combat skills I think.

    I’m lucky to have had a ranger friend gear my warrior up and I can now kill most mobs almost as effectively as him, and some mobs even more so (thx Dead, R.I.P.).

    My three main concerns for warrior pvm balance are:
    1. Boss melee damage
    Think you’re gonna be a mage-killer since you’re a warrior, I mean they hit you for 125% spell damage because of your spec, but as long as you stay close you will have a decent shot? Nope, caster bosses are among the hardest-hitting in the game and will smash your face in. Unless you’re going in with lv6 melee prot and almost 200 armor forget about it.
    They are not the only ones tho, melee damage is absurd unless you’re really decked out and buffed to the teeth. On the other end of the spectrum are bosses like Succubus that seem to have broken melee weps and deal 0 damage to all chars, except maybe mages idk, but I think those are bugged.
    BUT on the other hand, if warriors were to survive decently melee vs bosses, imagine how much they would face roll everything once they get said super gear and über buffs… Would it be broken? Or are warriors with that kind of equipment supposed to be able to cheese most bosses?

    2. Melee hit rate
    Now I discussed this briefly with Nagash recently and most high bosses have combat skills around 180-200, presumably to not miss and to deal more damage. Thing is I think this affects the chance players have to hit them as well. Your combat skill (presumably 130-150) is compared to theirs (180-200) do determine both your hit rate and dodge rate so to speak. This totally blows for warriors against some mobs. Golden/silver dragons and some fast moving wyrms are prime examples, since they die pretty quickly but hurt as hell.
    Again, fixing this by lowering boss skills would make good geared warriors very powerful, especially with bloody weapons.

    3. Warrior armor
    Warriors have about as much armor as a ranger plus a shield. With buffs the difference is more or less neglectable. Sure shields add more damage reduction than just the raw ar, but it still feels like mobs ar balanced for insanely high ar. I have felt much more powerful as our buffs have increased, and right now melee damage seems quite manageable, but I get more than twice as much armor with buffs than I do unbuffed with shield, which I think is quite ridiculous. I always thought ZH has had way too much emphasis on magic buffs though in general. Which also adds to what others have said about rangers being able to dispel while brock weps never drop to tilt the balance in favor of rangers even more.

    But tbh caster mobs should be your least concern. Get lv3 all prots (holy you can keep unequipped until you face one of the rare holy casters). This should be easier now that we can equip gem and silver dragon stuff. Get lv3 heal mod from elven gm armor, lv4+ necro prot and a free action jewel. Use a spear/pitchfork and spam bandages as needed. But then again, everything pretty much requires lv5 mage buffs too.

    An alternative to more spawns, or as a complement to it, would be to lower respawn times. I don’t see how maybe 1-hour respawn for all bosses would hurt? Right now one person can clear the entire world of bosses and still have to wait for respawns, that doesn’t make sense in an MMO. Also keeping all bosses in the same dungeon to the same respawn time would make sense imo. Kinda sucks to go through an entire dungeon because the first boss you checked was spawned to realize it was only that one boss or maybe one more.