3th place prise its joke? trash quest (event)

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    • Neophyte

    Hey GM and Staf and any people!
    i think you present of 3th place its trash and dont funny joke.

    1. book of tailoring. funny joke, I’m thief 5 lvl

    2. rar bagpack? 1-2 place a newbie robe that is cool.

    3. the most useful – 2 scroll for skill up.

    I think that this is wrong and the prizes are completely useless.
    It was right to initially announce the list of prizes that was meaningful for them to fight.

    I would be more pleased with the clothes or color rar and newbie (blessed) than rar bagpack.

    PS: a Tainted One

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    • Neophyte

    I was really given 2 books not in my class and they were not even random, in general they gave books that are not needed, I would like them to be either random or class (as if someone chose them from random ones), it’s a pity they didn’t let me choose a color Robes gave normal color NEW ZULU, It is a pity that they did not let me choose the color of the riding animal which can be found in the woods on my own, unfortunately I don’t ride them like that (((
    I waited for the prize for 24 hours for problems with updates, and for which I couldn’t enter the game for a day (((
    P.S. Chuck Norris

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