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      First; I’d like to point out that I’m enjoying the shard, and the direction things have been going. Some issues exists, and some missed opportunities are around.

      The holy element set lacks a weapon counterpart, according to the info vault. My suggestion is a crossbow, with a chance to cast maybe wrath of god? I was originally thinking holy bolt but then it would be rendered useless against anything that isn’t undead. The damage would match that of the other element weapons, so it isn’t entirely useless when the cast doesn’t proc. I chose crossbow because, well… crosses are typically considered a symbol of faith. Wrath of god may not be the best spell because of the karma aspect. Honestly I haven’t played much with the holy book, any suggestions for it would be great.

      A second suggestion involves the bless nerf. Blessing was the only real reason to build a mage. With their ability to bless being handicapped, they took a hit in viability that the class really could not afford. An idea would be to give them some of their aggression back. Similar to thief poison being unable to be protted against, let a mage penetrate protections. A percentage based on spec level would work, capping at 60% for a spec six, I think is acceptable for the most part. This would make level 5-6 prots cut most of the damage. The mage, would still be able to do at least some damage. Maybe let them bypass blackrock/moonstone similar to thieves to poison prots?

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