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      SO, we are all thankful to Nagash for setting up this so far awesome server, and bringing a lot of incredible players back together. I think it would be nice if we could all pitch in via donation to Nagash to keep the shard going strong, however I know that some people are more than happy to play on a free shard

      Which (finally) brings me to my proposal: What if certain inconsequential details could be changed or customized for a cash fee? for example, changing hair color or basic clothing to custom hues, or renaming items and weapons (without affecting properties of course). I am not in any way suggesting we be able to pay for any kind of advantages in the game, just small custom details that could add some variety, diversity, and a little fun.

      Basically, we pay (Cash) to have items already in our posession customized. Clothing/hair we can change color, items perhaps we can change the names (and maybe color?) I think it would be up to Nagash to determine what the fee would be for such a service, if he thinks its a good idea at all.

      Any Thoughts?

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        I am all for it. even just a donation button(is there one i might be blind)


            I haven’t given it much thought to be honest but the thought is nice. I’m glad that so many players have returned and are liking the shard. But I will state that there will be no pay to win or pay for convenience. At most it will be cosmetic if at all. And for hair dye etc we will be opening the hair dye shop soon so players can dye their hair for gold. But feel free to share your ideas :-).

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