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      Hello all,

      After playing for last month as a crafter, I can say I find bowcrafting not well defined according the skill requirements when doing an item and the logs difficulty, let me put examples of what I mean:

      I’ll compare Bowcrafting with other crafter skills according to items, its crafting difficulties and a table regarding the difficult increase when using higher resources.

      First of all let me put here the full resource table according to its difficulty (skill required to use them)


      Normal 0
      Pinetree 15
      Cherry 28
      Oak 39
      Purple Passion 50
      Golden Reflection 59
      Hard Ranger 65
      Jade 68
      Darkwood 77
      Stonewood 84
      Sun 91
      Gauntlet 95
      Swamp 98
      Stardust 105
      Silver Leaf 110
      Stormteal 114
      Emerald 118
      Blood 122
      Crystal 125
      Bloodhorse 127
      Doom 128
      Goddess 129
      Zulu 130
      Darkness 140
      Elven 150


      Iron 0
      Gold 1
      Spike 5
      Fruity 10
      Bronze 15
      Ice Rock 20
      Black Dwarf 25
      Dull Copper 30
      Platinum 35
      Silver Rock 40
      Dark Pagan 45
      Copper 50
      Mystic 55
      Spectral 60
      Old Britain 65
      Onyx 70
      Red Elven 75
      Undead 80
      Pyrite 85
      Virginity 90
      Malachite 95
      Lavarock 97
      Azurite 98
      Dripstone 100
      Executor 104
      Peachblue 108
      Destruction 112
      Anra 116
      Crystal 119
      Doom 122
      Goddess 125
      Ebon Twilight Sapphire 130
      Dark Sable Ruby 130
      Radiant Nimbus Diamond 140
      New Zulu 150

      Now I will go into more details for each skill in order to give a full and descriptive comparison with Bowcrafting.

      Best way to train Capentry is doing Clubs. Clubs requires 99 skill and here’s the difficult increase when using other resources:

      Pinetree 102
      Cherry 106
      Oak 108
      Purple Passion 111
      Golden Reflection 113
      Hard Ranger 115
      Jade 116
      Darkwood 118
      Stonewood 120
      Sun 121
      Gauntlet 122
      Swamp 123
      Stardust 125
      Silver Leaf 126
      Stormteal 127
      Emerald 128

      Won’t go any further since with emerald you cap Carpentry.


      Emerald Log difficulty: 118
      Emerald Club defficulty: 128

      Emerald Club difficulty > Emerald Log skill required (OK).

      Best way to level Blacksmithy is crafting BreastPlate (this example is much closer to Bowcraft since Heavy X-Bows requires 80 skill, and BreastPlate does require 85 kill).
      Here’s the difficult increase when using other resources when crafting BreastPlate:

      Iron 85
      Spike 86
      Fruity 88
      Bronze 90
      Ice Rock 91
      Black Dwarf 93
      Dull Copper 95
      Platinum 96
      Silver Rock 98
      Dark Pagan 100
      Copper 101
      Mystic 103
      Spectral 105
      Old Britain 106
      Onyx 108
      Red Elven 110
      Undead 111
      Pyrite 113
      Virginity 115

      Will do until here to show the example.


      Virginity Ore difficulty: 90
      Virginity BreastPlate defficulty: 115

      Virginity BreastPlate defficulty > irginity Ore difficulty (OK).

      Let’s now go further with Bowcrafting.

      First of all I don’t understand why arrows doesn’t give any skill gain when they require 114+ skill, they should give skill gain according not only for the skill requirement but for the resources required, in my opinion.

      Ok, going into details when leveling bowcrafting, doing Heavy X-Bows, they require 80 skill. Here’s the difficult increase when using other resources when crafting heavy x-bows:

      Normal 80
      Pinetree 83
      Cherry 87
      Oak 89
      Purple Passion 92
      Golden Reflection 94
      Hard Ranger 96
      Jade 97
      Darkwood 99
      Stonewood 101
      Sun 102
      Gauntlet 103
      Swamp 104
      Stardust 106
      Silver Leaf 107 -> threshold
      Stormteal 108
      Emerald 109
      Blood 110
      Crystal 111

      Ok, here’s the main problem looking into this table. How can be higher the difficulty to use a resources (Stormteal log requieres 114 skill to be used), than the skill required to craft the item (StormTeal Heavy X-Bow requires 108 skill…)

      This only has no sense but makes the leveling of this skill really really hard.
      Leveling Bowcraft to 125 allowing you to use Crystal is something really hard. At 125 you will be able to USE Crystal, regarding log difficulty, but the Bowcrafting difficulty crafting Crystal Heavy X-Bows is 111, so, as you can imagine, getting gains with a difference of +14 skill is really hard, and it really has no sense that a item is easier to craft then the difficulty of the log itself.

      This situation only happens with Bowcrafting, Tinkering is ok, even with Blank Scrolls or Key Rings, the skill difficulty is properly compensated with the logs/ores difficulty.

      In my opinion this should be adapted, not just only to the skill gain, but following a normal logic of skill difficulty and log difficulty. The difficulty of crafting an item it should be never easier than the difficulty of the resource itself.



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