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      Hiya anyone know what to do about carto after a 100 skill ?

      and i still havent found a good way to macro peacemaking so any advice would be nice

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        I haven’t tried it yet but on other shards i would trap a noncasting monster in my house and peacemake it. You might need to hood up with a tamer to get a high level monster to peacemake. Should be easy that way.

        Cartography lol. Im surprised how hard this is. From what i know you have to find treasure maps from fishing, mining, and hunting and open them. It might turn out to be the hardest skill to gm in the game. Let me know if you find an easier way to train it.


            We have introduced a new item for cartography. You are now able to make world map canvas’. As for peacemaking imoldgregg is correct.

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