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        Event will be held tonight at 20:00 CET, everyone that finishes the event will be given a prize!

        Hope to see you all there.


            Hope you guys had fun! I posted a screenshot in the slideshow on the website!

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              It was fun! Frustrating, but fun 😛 Thanks!
              Nice idea as well, nice to see something that doesn’t depend on player/character skill.

              As for suggestions for, I remember from a previous shard a PvP event, where you’d be given a standard set of gear and you’d fight in team against another team. Not sure if it was capture the flag or deathmatch or something, but it was fun to fight without items playing a huge role.

              Other nice thing could fit in with the theme of the shard, fighting to save/reclaim/lose a town or area versus waves of mobs.
              Make it have consequence too, we fail to defend Yew? Goodbye vendors, hello Ents.
              Thats my 2 cents


                  Good idea, we will take it under consideration!

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