Healing/Ress using Camping?

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      What do you think about be able to healself or ress a friend/player based on Camping skill?


          Personally i’m not in favor of this idea. Rangers already have it easy. Giving them more abilities like resurrecting and healing others seems a bit over the top. But feel free to have a discussion. If there’s enough people in favor it can always be changed.

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            I lean the same way as Nagash, rangers already have a lot going for them.

            It does have a nice thematic ring to it, make a safe campsite.
            If it were to be done, I’d say it needs to be slow enough not to affect balance, and fit with the feel of the skill/class.
            For example, if you have a campfire outside in a wooded area, with no monsters closeby, the fire could act as a resgate or similar to a ship’s res ability after its been burning for a bit.
            However, that seems like a lot of effort to make and in practice, running to a resgate will be quicker and thus used more.

            Making the fire heal has balance implications, as that would make the ranger the only class able to heal after resurrection.

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