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      Past some time shard is already online what do you think about a programmed item wipe?
      It is always a good way to keep the game balanced and fair.

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        “Fair” for people who don’t hunt much.
        Not as fair to people who have put days and days into acquiring decent gear, don’t you think?

        Still, I don’t think some kind of season setup would be terrible in UO. But the loot levels would have to be pretty high, so that most players would feel they don’t have many upgrades to hunt for by the end of a season. With how rare stat mods are right now you won’t realistically get there within years.

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          i agree its about time for an item wipe. raise the loot a little bit. fair game for all.

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            How about you guys play the game instead? the server has only been up for 3 months, for a item wipe to even be discussed atleast half a year should have passed. Having an item wipe once every year is not a bad idea. But what do you really think an item wipe at this point would achieve?

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              Item wipe is tbh a really terrible idea. Some ppl have hunted like maniacs for the items they got, and it will take like YEARS to get the statmods you need to be fully geared here. The loot aint that high and if you hunt its possible to get good items.
              So instead of an item wipe you should really start hunting, that is my tip brother.

              Good luck and have fun!

              // GoofyBear


                  Sorry. We won’t be wiping.

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