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      Last target does not seem to work on planted trees, I get “too far away” every time. This makes them hard to LJ on with macros.

      How to reproduce:
      Use axe on planted tree (see how it successfully LJs)
      Use axe again, use last target key bind in-game instead of clicking the tree, get too far away msg.

      Tested this on all plantable trees.


          Thanks, added it to the list.

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            On the subject of botany, what is the respawn time for plants supposed to be?
            If its supposed to be less than 24 hours, there’s probably a bug in there..


                Hi Lothar,

                Last target on trees is a core bug and will therefor not be fixed anywhere in the near future.

                On your other question you need to provide more information, “plants” isn’t enough for me to give you an answer or look into it at all i’m afraid.

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