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      Ok guys to bring the forums a little bit back to life I want all you guys to let us know about yourself. Moreso than in the introduction topic. tell us EVERYTHING, your name, your birthplace your bankaccount, spill it all out.

      Ok for real I’ll just make a big list of things you could share

      Ingame name
      IRL name
      place of birth
      current place of living
      How did you get to play UO on this shard. Did you play before, if so; where and when. Who were you back then.
      What do you do for a living, education, hobbies etc
      do you play other games
      what do you like most in life
      what does your family look like

      and: do you have any suggestions or interest in bringing this community a bit more to life?

      I would be willing to run and host a game of wherewolf on this forum if interest is big enough.
      or we could play something very simple like hangman

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