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      I have a chest that was crafted by a lvl 1 crafter with 75 tinkering.
      He made it for me so I could train lockpicking.

      I’m a lvl 2 thief with now lockping of 80. Still it says that there is no way I could pick the lock.

      To me this sounds stupid. Not only do i have more in lockpicking then he had in tinkering. I’m also a lvl higher. I think that by now my skill would be good enough for the chest.

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        Spec levels rarely lowers difficulty I think, just increases success chance once you have high enough skill to attempt it at all.
        Doesn’t different chests have different difficulties too? Maybe use a strongbox instead of a crate or something? There are a few boxes made from carpentry that might be lower.


            We will be looking at it shortly.

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