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      So I registered for an account, and apparently my usual password is too long (24 characters) and I cannot log into the game, as the client only permits 16 characters. The website permits 24 just fine. I tried resetting it to a different password through the website, but that only changes my website login it would seem. Can anyone help me with this?

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        • Neophyte

        Your website and client passwords are separate.
        If you have an account already and need it changed you’ll need Nagash I think.

        If you dont have an account, just make one by entering an account name and password, then login. It will create the account then.


            As lothar said, forum account and server accounts are separate. To make an account to play on just login with the prefered name/pass and it will create one for you. If password is too long/short you need to adress that and try again.

            If you already have a char on an account wich you cannot access anymore give me a pm with acc name and char name and i will look into it.

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