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      Nagash bravo on making such a stellar awesome replica of the old ZH. I just want to drop a small suggestion here for the nostalgia feeling. Can you put a moongate between Britain and Minoc next to the bank like the old days?

      Also can you clean up all the dead bodies all over Britain its ugly af 🙂

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        im down with this, i thought the same thing myself. not only a hint of true zulu but because of convenience, while minoc is the subject.. and because it is the crafting town, can some tailors be added to minoc?

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          not really a crafter town since we have the mine outside occlo all that place is now is a spot for npcs to buy which is like every other town.


              It is as pete says. But if people are in favor, I don’t mind placing a gate there. Not sure if the word of power teleporters we used back in the day work here though.

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