Pentagrams and Elemental Items.

General Bugs / Suggestions Pentagrams and Elemental Items.

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      So I did some quick maffs, and after speaking to a few people, I figured I’d make a suggestion.

      Seems that pentagrams are difficult to put together completely, requiring a significant amount of hunting (certain pieces being rarer then others) just to put one together. I did take a look at the available weapons and their GM counterparts, which are significantly easier to get. Here are the numbers:
      Dreams bow – 4d4 + 41 speed 53 equaling 45-57 damage.
      Lothians – 2d10 + 36 speed 54 equaling 38-56 damage.
      Air pentagram bow – 4d4 + 28 speed 53 32-52 damage.
      Shadow pentagram fork – 5d4+25 speed 45 equalling 30-45 damage.

      I’ve found two lothians, two dreams bow. Haven’t completed a single pentagram set yet.
      So maybe the pentagram weapons should be better? Perhaps they should penetrate their respective elements? Or more significant special properties?

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        Penta pieces 8 and 9 (dont quote me on the correct pieces) are apparantly in the same loot table as Books, making them significantly (read retardedly) hard to find, and as you say, they are substantially worse than many other items in the game. I’d like to see an update for sure.

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          Bow of Air Elemental has an attack speed of 53, doesn’t it?
          From what I can tell, its basically a Stygian Vang Bow with a dex mod.

          Maybe make the pents easier to find, so they can be used during “mid game” gearing process or keep the drop rate the same and boost their resistances to 85 (from 75) or something.

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            I had a similar thought– but it wasn’t about the weapons, although I think same message applies that if they are this hard to come across, should be significant payout for them weapon wise as well.

            I was thinking more about the armor. If pent pieces are as rare as they are, elemental armor should give at least 100% protection from said element. Logistically it makes sense. It is the armor for that element specifically, so it should protect from that element completely, aye?

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