Poison level capped?

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      fixed a bug where poison level was almost unlimitedly high. now max lvl 8. max damamge was already lvl 6 (25 damamge per tik)
      increesed the max poison level of thiefs poison to lvl 7 (was 6)

      This is an old update Odin did to Valhalla scripts, is this in?
      Because even when I use stronger poison potions my damage is still capped out at 54
      Is there a cap? if so it’s kinda pointless to become higher than spec 1 thief, cuz damage will just remain the same. Rangers have no damage cap, neither should thieves. Even as spec 4 with lvl 3 deadly poison with 150 difficulty to apply I fall so far behind on dmg. If I can’t go higher and rangers will keep on skyrocketing, it’s kinda pointless.
      So if there is a cap since Odin did that change, please remove it. Don’t expect to do ticks of 150 dmg, but something extra every level should keep it interesting to get to higher level, since our bow dmg is so low, poison has to grow abit with level, not cap out early in the game

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