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      So what is the situation on the beautiful feature in zulu that is rituals?

      It was one of my favorite things to do in this game. Unfortunately on chaotic realm, it was pretty limited to circle 1 stuff, if that. It would be so neat to see what the higher end rituals had to offer, since they are/were a mystery since their existence began as to what they did.

      Have you guys done any rituals? Made anything cool? Is it possible to make level 5 rest items? I think the highest I made was a regeneration/level 4.

      Magilou Nolurun
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        I was just researching this myself, and found this older thread. https://www.zuluhotelomega.com/topic/rituals/


            Rituals were taken out completely. While we know it is a fun thing to do it still has major flaws. A rework is on our to-do list though but it hasn’t gotten a high priority.

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              I was reading through and came upon this thread… Would be awesome to see Rituals really.

              Perhaps mages have a good use then? Also, perhaps this is the one thing that can make thieves less powerful?

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