Some light reading… Proposed changes for Omega 3

General Bugs / Suggestions Some light reading… Proposed changes for Omega 3

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      This whole article is based around a rebalance of buffs as they play a way too big part of the game and messing up PvP and rendering gear quite useless.

      At the moment having a spec 6 mage with the right gear is all the gear you need. If you have a strong enough boost, you can go out and effectively hunt and PvP in almost no gear at all.
      The second you are dispelled however, you are dead… no matter how good a gear you have or how bad the gear is of your opponent.

      A massive reduction of buffs is required to reach balance. A buff shouldn’t be the deciding factor of who wins and who loses a fight. It should be an advantage, but not a make or break.

      I suggest that buffs should be reduced to 25% of what they are now.
      At the moment, you can buff 84×2 with a spec 6 mage with best possible gear and another 20 or so with Taint’s Major Transumtation.
      This leaves you with a boost of 184 in ALL stats. Equipping a full cloth set of high mods will get you around +80 in 1 stat, so if we count dex+ str(leave int out of it) you get 80 from your gear you spent weeks hunting for, but you get 368 stats from a spell(and some armor on top of that). It’s sorta like taking a spoon to a gun fight only to end up winning.
      By reducing buffs to 25% you will get 92 stats from the boost, so about 46 str and dex. Now it’s about par with a really good set of mods. It’s a big advantage, but it’s not an automatic win, a geared char without boost is now on the same level as a boosted char with a set without mods.

      This change requires a rebalance of damage taken, NPC health and attack speed and mana/dex cost of spells/songs to account for the loss of stats

      The result?
      PvP fight aren’t over in 4 seconds anymore. It’s more about gear and skill than who blackrocks fastest.
      You are no longer as dependant on having a high mage to boost you in order to hunt(which is good for the people playing solo or in smaller groups). If you get dispelled while hunting, you can still finish the dungeon in most cases before you go back to rebuff, or you can have your lesser geared mage/bard buff you as the stat difference won’t be as high, since you get the majority of your stats from you base stats and if you wear mods, from your gear.

      One factor shouldn’t be the deciding factor of your gameplay. It should consist of many little things that makes a whole.

      I would also like to see an increase in duration of buffs, just as a quality of life thing.

      Level 6
      Level 6 has never really been a thing on any other server I’ve played on, but here it is and after playing as spec 6 for a while there’s at least one thing that needs to be adressed.

      Out of classe skills.
      Spec 6 must have 100% of their skills in their classe.
      This is fine and all in PvM and for some classes
      Crafters aren’t really that affected by this, but other classes are.

      The issues comes when it’s time to PvP
      Keep in mind most hunt classes will never run around as spec 6. It will be maybe 1-2 players on the server and then it will be crafters mages/bards that are used for blessing. You lose too much by equipping so many skill mods. So basically have to be lvl 6 base, or very close to base, in order for it to be worthwhile hunting/PvPing as.
      You used to be able to cheese it and trans/macro up skills and just never log out until next reset so you could be spec 6 with out of classe skills. Now that’s no longer an option.

      Spec 6 requires ALOT of gold, time effort and luck to reach. But the advantages don’t always outweigh the disadvantages.

      Mages are maybe the hunt class that is least affected, since they can do most things with the help of magery

      Warriors use hiding most of the time. It’s how they avoid getting dispelled and hit by other spells too if they time it right. They can use fish, but I would want to keep it to cure poison and heal up vs a thief

      Thieves use magery(some skills are reliant on magery in order to be macroed even)
      If spec 6 didn’t make you undetecable and make you able to detect spec 5 thieves, then I’d never choose to play as spec 6. The loss of utility is too great.

      Bards have no means of doing proper single target damage at this moment. If you have all other skills at 150, you can get to about 100 archery as spec 5(still not worth it, rather play spec 4 with 130-150 archery)

      Rangers are dead without the ability to teleport. The level 6 bonus is just not enough to make up for the loss of mobility and utility(walls etc)

      I suggest you leave spec 6 at 92% rather than 100%. Or take it even further, have it at 90%, let spec 6 be a true reward and allow 1 skill at 130 out of classe so you get rewarded for your efforts.(only really affects bards/warriors though, as 90 magery is usually enough, seeing as you have Circle 5 as cap for magery)

      Have elemental prots and necro/holy give you the following by level:
      lvl 1: 25%
      lvl 2: 50%
      lvl 3 : 60%
      lvl 4: 70%
      lvl 5: 80%
      lvl 6: 85%

      This way a warrior which is supposed to be weak against spells aren’t always the preferred tank in all situations.

      Mages come abit more into play as they can use all spells against people/creatures(if this is also added for NPCs) to some extent

      You don’t get healed by for example GEs, right now they will heal you for 15% with 400str each. This is how we’ve plowed through dungeons so fast during Omega 2.0
      Leaves abit more room for bards in groups as they don’t hit your own party
      Forces you to think about what you are up against and healing becomes a thing again

      Keep melee prot as it is

      Keep poison prot as it is

      Keep moonstone as it is, but remove it from crafted armor and allow Mind Blast to pierce Moonstone
      Possibly remove it and only keep Blackrock prots, but allow them to absorb dispel as it’s a quaility of life thing in PvM and in PvP mages can mass dispel.


      GM Weapons
      The only GM weapons I like are Grark’s Walking Cane, Nagash Staff of Sorcery, Balthazar’s Azure Scimitar, Scalpel of Travize, Dart Thrower of Amroth. Why? Because they are unique.

      Most GM weapons are simple Stygian Devastation+5 and indestructible. It’s very boring and it makes other weapons useless.

      In my opinion a GM weapon shouldn’t be plain and boring but just good. As it is physical damage is way too high, and GM weapons are partially to blame for this.

      Have GM weapons do less physical damage(never more than Devastation), maybe not always as fast(or faster) than stygian. But give them fun and useful procs/abilities. Say a weapon like Spear of Renah. It deal ok physical damage and it also deals some AOE fire damage. The fire damage isnt a big deal for a warrior, but it is more than nothing. If you build for it it can be good for a thief or PP. Not it so happens to be a 2 hander and only 1 tile(which is a waste of breath in most cases) so it’s not really that good. But you see the point. Not stronger than a magic caster weapon can be, but it has a physical damage modifier to make it good for all classes. Now there are other stronger physical options so a warrior will never use a weapon like this.

      I say either use a GM weapon and build your gear abit around it, or use a swift/stygian Deva. Every person shouldn’t run around in Lance, Kieri just because they hit hardest of all weapons in all situations.

      All GM weapons should be good, but not the best in every situation and if it’s purely physical damage you want, use a Swift Devastation
      Physical damage is currently too high. But with GM weaps doing less physical damage and players not beaing as squishy when dispelled, it should be going in the right direction

      Let it drain all stats simultaniously as it used to be. It was viable, but not OP
      Piercing + leech/vampiric/bloody(maybe a tiny dmg modifier granted bloody is nerfed – testing required)

      Keep it like it is or perhaps turn it into a % drain, because atm it’s only really usable for rangers and warriors since it scales with damage

      It’s too powerful atm, have it drain 15% of it’s target’s mana rather than 100% and restore 10 mana to the wielder on hit

      Waaaay too powerful. Had a lvl 5 warrior with soso gear only a few weeks into Omega 2.0 face-tank Dragon King only healing with a swift bloody vanq katana.
      Let it drain a fixed amount of 10 hp per hit (granted you go for the idea of lower buffs, otherwise it needs to be slightly higher)

      Remove the dispel, it’s way too powerful. Make it only drain all mana and keep it non-poisonable. Still a good weapon in both PvE and PvP since it will allow warriors to drain other classes so they can’t teleport/cast spells
      Either that or remove it from the game, it’s way too powerful as it is

      Caster Weapons

      Elemental Fury
      It’s good but very rare and almost every weapon is 4-7% cast which is just rediculous.
      In order for an ele fury weapon to be good and to compete with nagash staff it has to:
      1. Be swift or stygian as nag staff has 80 speed
      2. Be one of the faster weapons to at least be close to that 80 speed
      3. be 80%+ to account for the loss of magic efficiency compared to nag staff and loss of melee damage and in most cases loss of speed as nag staff hit’s almost like a stygian deva katana
      4. Be 1 handed or ranged, otherwise what’s the point? Just use nag staff

      Other than that, only Mind blast weapons are useful, It’s how you kill anything as a PP.
      Heaven’s Wrath can be good in PvM… when mobs are immune to GEs
      This leaves room for a rebalance of the different weapons, or maybe even adding more, such as earth/necro/holy spells to them. The more powerful, the more rare

      Magic Staves
      Remove normal damage mods from staves as the only one who’d ever use a staff is a mage, and they deal no physical damage
      Have them always give Spellcasting mod instead, with Elemental Fury not being that uncommon.
      No matter how good the staff is it will never be stronger than Nagash Staff of Sorcery, but it would give mages something to hit with in the meantime

      Poisoned Weapons
      Keep them as they are

      GM armor, hides, ores, GM shields, logs all need to be balanced, as of now the difference in armor is too big. Chainmail and ringmail armor gives too little, Plate is only slightly stronger than studded leather.
      Sure the armor difference shouldn’t be too big seeing as plate users have survivabilty, but ringmail and chain needs to be stronger
      SD/Angel needs to be tuned down a bit
      GM armours needs to be looked at
      GM shields needs to be closer to crafted shields. Right now they give about 10 more AR than a spec 6 crafted Elven shield

      Caster Armor
      At the moment it seems abit buggy. The way it works is(same way as ar works, but I doubt everyone knows this) you get hit on different parts of your body, chest being the most likely to be hit, therefor the higher AR from a chest piece.
      So say you have
      10% chance to be hit on neck
      10% chance to be hit on hands
      15% chance to be hit in the head
      15% chance to be hit on legs
      15% chance to be hit on arms
      35% chance to be hit on chest
      *These are estimated numbers, and may not be accurate
      If you have a chest piece with 50% cast you have a 0.5×0.35=17.5% chance to cast the spell on the target that hit you(works only for physical attacks, both melee and ranged)
      Here comes the kicker… This is not the way it works when hit by a thief, ranger or mage.
      If you get hit by them, your armor will proc(in this case 50% of the time) no matter where you get hit. At any rate, if you wear several pieces you only proc 1 spell at the time.
      I does not work like this against warriors, PPs, NPCs(I haven’t tested vs bards or crafters)
      In my opinion I like this. If you dont have a leather(must be leather or it’s too great magic efficiency loss) the armor part will hit so seldom that it becomes neglectable
      But this way it now becomes too powerful when you have it vs the classes that always proc, but too weak vs the classes that doesn’t
      My suggestion is to go for the latter. Have it proc no matter the slot, but make it cap on 33% chance rather than 99% as it is now. and keep it casting only 1 spell at random. You can wear several pieces, but the way it works isnt 3×0.33=99%, it’s 1-(0.67^3)=70% chance to proc one of those spells at random.
      This means you gain quite abit from the first caster armor piece(granted you find a set of 33% cast armor) but the more you put on the less you gain, and at some point you cant afford to lose any more armor slots because they give you pretty much nothing other than the cast

      I rebalanced it in ZHValhalla and I believe most of the changes still stands. However I would like to see Logs/Ores become non-sellable again as you simply get too many, so even if you sell them for 1 each, you still make alot more money than other classes.

      Gold dropped while hunting should be increased. Hunting should be the most effective way of getting money as it’s the only way that carry any risk and it takes the most effort.

      Remove the possibility of stealing New Zulu ore. You can get thousands of them this way

      Bring back Monster stealing, but reduce or remove the gold you can steal. Perhaps make them only have gold 10-20% of the time

      I would like to see the amount of arrows, bolts, fire/ice arrows, thunder crossbow bolts and basic reags be increased a bit. Reags by about double and arrows by around triple.

      There will be alot of talk about nerfs, but keep in mind that the new stat system will result in an overall buff to all classes when it comes to attack speed and survivability, so the nerfs are mainly to compensate for the lower stats overall

      Bard is a class that hasn’t gotten much attention, but I find it to be a very fun class to play

      It’s full of bugs and Book of Songs has many songs that has no use and many things are missing

      A the moment there’s no point playing bard above spec 4, unless you use it to buff AR.
      Caster bosses will resist every song you cast, and they will take around 1-2% damage from your songs leaving you to cast 70 songs in order to kill them, which is roughly 4-5 minutes.

      Your single target is so low, that you must rely on archery in order to kill bosses. Trash dies very effectively since you have 4 different elements to choose from, however some mobs cannot be killed because the circles are too low, such as black wisps who will die from Greater Explosions but not Song of Fire

      Dexterity Mods
      Have your base dex and the mods you have on increase your offensive spells <damage and curses> (Absolutely NOT your buffs, or bards would never take them anywhere) Aslo ONLY the base+ mods, not buffed dex. This way bards have to wear gear to be strong, but they can also get strong, but have something to lose.

      Magic Efficiency
      Right now bards get nothing from gear what so ever. Only skills and classe level matters as they do no physical damage and their songs don’t get any better once you capped your skills.

      I would like to see bards gain from magic efficiency, also that the magery gain from Sage’s Robe/Nagash Staff of Sorcery is removed and that bards(along with only PPs and Mages) are capable of using them. Also make shepard’s crooks 2 tile and allow use of all macefighting weapons. If a bard can’t fill out their AOE damage with some type of Single target damage, they are not viable for hunting, and therefor you have to spec down to lvl 4 in order to deal MORE damage with the help of archery and that’s just wrong.

      Take gold gained from begging down a notch, at least the class bonus. PPs should have a way of making gold too if they want to waste their time on a skill they get nothing from.

      Haven’t really cared to try any other skill than provocation seeing as they are all pretty much useless
      Provocation bugs out, when you provoke mobs
      1. You must wait 2 seconds before doing anything or everything will jsut attack you anyway
      2. Many mobs you provoke just stand there still, and after a couple seconds attack you again
      3. It doesn’t work most of the time. It says you provoke the mobs but nothing happens
      4. Don’t know if this is intentional, but when you provoke with Grark’s Walking Stick the mob you target automatically attacks you, so you must provoke it on something else(granted it works) or hide right after.
      Some bugs I’ve reported to Nagash and Grark and it’s best I don’t mention here ^_^
      Book of Songs
      Ok, this is all that a bard really has and it’s filled with bugs and useless songs
      Mages has 112 spells to choose from, bards has 16, so you want to have those 16 actually have some kind of use
      Song of Light – Useless since Every client now filters light
      Song of Haste – A quite decent dex buff
      Song of Defense – A strong armor buff, the one buff that is stronger than a mages
      Song of Glory – A weak ass bless
      Song of Cloaking – An AOE hide, bugs all the time, you get out of hiding randomly. Don’t know if it’s the server or the spells. Happened a few times on my thief as well, but not as frequently
      Song of Life – An OK heal, could be abit stronger, PP with magery will outheal a bard
      Song of Remedy – An AOE Cure

      Song of Sirens – AoE Paralyze which breaks from damage, it also bugs out and becomes permanent
      Song of earth, fire, water, air – Attack spells which work quite fine for killing trash mobs. Circle is abit low though as they don’t hit all mobs that otherwise die from that element(maybe it’s the mobs that should be fixed rather than the spells)
      Song of Fright – AoE fear, which is useless. Bards have peacemaking
      Song of Dismissal – AOE Dispel
      Song Beckon – Summons a melee fairy which you can’t control…
      Song of Salvation – Does nothing I think

      Shepard’s crooks are the worst weapon type of all, perhaps make them 2 tiles
      Switch Song of light for a str+ int buff so bards doesnt have to be complemented by a mage to buff
      Buff Song of Glory to the same level as Song of Haste
      Increase duration/fix of Song of Cloaking
      Turn Song of Sirens to a Paralyze similar to Necro paralyze
      Turn Song of Fright to a magic damage song which isnt protectable – to give Bards something in PvP since all other songs can be protected against. Make it a little weaker than the element songs so it wont the be chosen song for all occasions.
      If you want to keep song of Beckon a summon song, Make it summon wisps that cast strong single target spells so bards have a way to kill bosses, Maybe holy spells? If it’s even possible for summoned creatures to cast spells. Also you must be able to control them, right now they disappear when you say animal commands
      Turn Song of Salvation to a curse-type Song or maybe something completely unique for Bards
      Since bards can no longer casts songs from hidden Song of dismissal is most likely to only dispel yourself and not your target since they can run, hide etc in order to avoid it, but you cant avoid it yourself. Maybe remove the self dispel function as it’s probably never going to be used to dispel self, keep it so it still dispels your own party or it will be too OP
      All in all, I’d say make bards’ bless a tiny bit weaker than mages, but have the armor buff stay stronger, so there’s still a reason to have both if you wanna maximize your stats
      Tiny as in maybe bless 90% of the stats but 130% of the armor

      I haven’t played crafter in ZHO so I don’t know all the details of skillgain etc

      There was a suggestion on the forums from Carl Cox about crafted armor/weapons having a tiny chance of being “Perfect” as a step up from “Exceptional”

      This is a cool idea, which would make crafter resources more sought after

      Say for example Perfect RND weapon would have the quaility of the same item as exceptional + maybe mystical and 40-60%(random would be nice here to make it even more the reason to keep gathering resources) Elemental fury. Dont make stuff stygian, would just be too good and it would be too similar to any other item you use
      Slower than other weapons, but spikier damage and harder hitting as quality works in a different way than +dmg mod does

      Ebon casts a water typ spell, DSR a fire type
      Say zulu gets extra physical damage or maybe partial piercing or bloody(with the new nerf or it would be too powerful)
      If it’s on armor it can have casts, other types(maybe not even the same as the original) prots and magic efficiency. Maybe have plate that’s perfect not give magic penalty, as for now PPs are stuck using leather armor


      Intellect Mods
      Have your base int and the mods you have on increase your offensive spells <damage and curses> (Absolutely NOT your buffs, or mages would never take them anywhere) Aslo ONLY the base+ mods, not buffed int. This way mages have to wear gear to be strong, but they can also get strong, but have something to lose.

      Reactive armor
      Have it reduce dmg from 1 physical hit and make it only castable on self without the possibility to target.
      Also make it scale with magic efficiency so say a spec 6 mage with sages and nag reduce 90% damage, while a ranger with 90 magery and 0 magic efficiency take 30% reduced dmg or wherever it’ll land
      This way you wont die instantly and you have a defensive spell you can spam if you get targeted that at the same time blocks you from doing anything else. This way you can also run through a dungeon as spec 5-6 mages without getting 2-shot by a skeletal warrior even though you have 200 ar

      Physical damage taken
      Lower the penalty abit on spec 5 and 6 mages, reactive armor alone wont cut it. Spec 6 should be a reward, not a penalty.

      Most mage skills are very easy to raise.
      Alchemy is fine if you have the right ingredients as you can do it between other skills
      Evaluating Intelligence is too slow
      Inscription is too fast
      Item ID is far to fast once you reach about 90 skill
      Magery is abit too fast
      Meditation is too slow
      Resisting Spells is too fast
      Spirit Speak is too slow

      I didn’t play it myself on ZHO(I have on other servers), but I’ve played with enough to see how they work in action

      Seems to me that strength is the damage modifier for archery, rather than dex

      Rangers are perhaps the biggest winner when it comes to the buff nerf as of now they are sitting ducks when dispelled, but extremely powerful when not.

      Losing Devastation+5 on GM weapons doesn’t affect rangers that much as ice/firebow of Devastation hits for only an average of 1 damage less than Dream’s Tainted Fury.
      Ranger damage might have to be looked over and lowered by a few %, to balance them seeing as they stand the most to gain from the stat change.

      Self Healing
      I’ve seen plently of posts about rangers lack of self healing and by nerfing prots, this will be an even bigger issue.
      There has been talk about making camping heal you for a small amount over time while near it. This isn’t a bad idea, but it will be hard to balance this so it’s not too weak or not too powerful so you can simple stand there tanking caster mobs with only this, ranger still have heal fish and tamlas and heals with magery.
      I suggest giving them heal fish on a separate cooldown as other fish. So heal fish doesn’t put hiding/cure/buff fish on cooldown and vice versa. It’s a minor heal every 20 seconds, on top of the other heals, but you can use it on the move so it also works in PvP, giving them a bit more survivability to help weigh up what I hope will be a small damage nerf(as of now a ranger shoots for close to the double amount of a Thief/PP (which in PvP will result in more than double because of armour reducing a flat amount, and seems to have much better hit chance too)

      I would also like to suggest mana fish. A small mana consumable, maybe 60-75 mana, losing cooldown on tamla in order to get some mana for a few teleports is too big of a loss

      I haven’t macroed one myself, but it seems to be very fast, especially because you are spec. A spec ranger needs about half the arrows to gain the same amount of archery as a non spec char needs.
      Someone who macroed them might have some more input of which skills needs to be sped up or slowed down


      Poison damage
      It’s a too big part in PvP and a too small part in PvM
      First of all, make it tick double as often, but for less so the damage isn’t as spiky
      Have lvl 6 poison cap out on 12 damage (2 per level) But have poison pots cap out on lvl 5 poison and thieves get bonus damage accordinly:
      lvl 1: base(which will be up to 10)+1
      lvl 2: base(which will be up to 10)+2
      lvl 3: base(which will be up to 10)+3
      lvl 4: base(which will be up to 10)+5
      lvl 5: base(which will be up to 10)+7
      lvl 6: base(which will be up to 10)+10

      This way poison ticks will cap out on 20(most likely 17, as the new true class system will keep combat classes at lvl 5) but it will tick twice as frequent as it does now. Which will result in 34 damage instead of 60 for a spec 5 thief as it is now.
      If it’s possible to script this give thieves base +40%xthief level more poison damage against NPC to account for the loss of poison damage and the loss on physical damage as you will see below
      If it’s not possible to script this, then just make it a flat +200% for thieves, but would be nice to make thieves abit weaker early game and stronger end game

      Archery and Fencing damage
      Remove all damage modifiers. Have level only increase you hit rate
      BUT give thieves 50% of their damage as armor piercing.
      Thieves are the big losers when it comes to the buff nerf, but they need to be taken down from the high heavens

      Why? This and the combination of lower poison damage will result in thieves
      1. Poison isn’t enough to kill anyone anymore
      2. You actually damage warriors with your shots, eventhough it’s still not that strong
      3 You deal about the same damage against ranger/thieves/bards as you shoot for less, but you pierce some armor
      4. You deal less damage against mages
      5. You deal less physical damage against NPCs as they barely have armor, but you deal more poison damage against NPCs to make up for it.

      This way the playstyle in PvP will change for thieves. They can no longer shoot 1 arrow and hide and kill people. They are now forced to actually fight them, but fighting now makes a difference as you will do some damage in PvP with your hits, not just use them to apply poison.

      Allow for the chance of a spec 5 mage with 150 magery to detect a spec 5 thief with 150 hiding. Make it a 20% chance and 50% for another spec 5 thief with 150 detect. But a spec 4 should still not detect a spec 5. It would defeat the purpose of a thief, as classe level is the only thing that really matters for a thief.

      Inscrease stealth steps by another 10% per level, it’s abit low as it is. Spec 6 with 150 stealth can’t even take 20 steps and the cooldown is long on both stealth and hiding.

      Compared to other classes thief skills are very slow to raise
      Detect Hidden is fine
      Hiding is very…veeeeeeeery slow(macroed it today on my PP, cycling begging/hiding. at 137.6 skill. 0.0 gains in 24 hours)
      Lockpicking is abit too slow, eventhough you can do it between other skills and it’s impossible to get lower difficulty boxes. The lowest you can craft is 90 difficulty. So either you must trans it, boost it, level it with items on or raise it with different levels of magery which is incredibly slow(did it so I know how ridiculus it was) – Remove the difficulty of turning containers locked, this way you can make them with 15 difficulty starting at 0 tinkering
      Poisoning is too fast
      Remove Traps is a little bit too slow as it requires alot of spells as well as the skill being abit slow to start with
      Snooping is fine, took however 2 weeks to get it from 148.2-150 as there werent any NPCs to snoop with more than 130 difficulty. Difficulties in general has to be reworked to scale better since monster snooping was removed
      Stealing is fine, maybe a tiny bit too fast, pulls ahead of snooping by alot.
      Stealth is a tiny bit too slow

      Nerfs in prots will mostly affect warriors and give them a weakness again, because atm they have the best of both worlds. They are immune (and I believe because they are warriors lvl 5/6 prots actually heals them for more than others) to almost all spells, they can tank and solo anything as spec 5

      They are also killing machines, hitting like trucks and 2 shotting rangers/thieves/PPs(if they dont wear shield) when both the war and the other class are dispelled

      Also plow through dungeons like one of those canadian forest harvesters
      The fact that they are less likely to be dispelled in PvP because blackrock is reworked and the fact that dispels doesn’t affect them as hard anymore calls for a physical damage taken increase, especially if rangers gets a nerf and GM weapons deal less physical damage.

      They will now have to be more careful in PvE and therefor the nerf to physical weapon should be enough to keep them dangerous, but not immortal.
      Healing is just bananas. A spec 5 warrior with a lvl 6 Healing mod and 150 anatomy heals for over 400 and the time it takes to heal is 4 seconds granted that you dont slip with bandages, and there’s no cooldown + you have tamlas and fish and in many cases bloody weapons on top of this
      This need to be tuned down, especially with a stat squish.
      An option would be to increase the time it takes to heal abit, but remove slipping
      Make it more predictable

      The fact that blackrock no longer dispels will result in less likelyhood of warriors being dispelled, and the mage rework will result in them being more suseptable to magic damage
      As it is now, a warrior will beat every class 1 on 1. Only a PP will put up a fight(perhaps a thief, but that is in an arena setting, in wild a warrior can just run around a corner, pop cure fish and bandage up. Killing a warrior that runs is near impossible) Also with the thief nerf, Thieves will have even a harder time against a warrior
      But even a PP will drop against a warrior if they aren’t geared to the teeth, provided the warrior has blackrock
      Now warriors can still drain mana with blackrock, but not dispel(though it has less effect now)
      They will not kill everything as fast, nor will they die as fast. But then again this goes for all classes, it’s the whole point of all this.
      Warriors are the second biggest winner of the stat change seeing as they are the most likely to be dispelled in a fight.

      Skill Gain
      Warriors already have far too fast skills as the gain scale with attack speed, and the new system means they will hit even faster without buff as they did before, so early game they will be even faster to macro
      Anatomy is quite slow, but on the other hand the only skill they have that has a cooldown so it should stay the way it is
      Healing is far too fast, you can cap it in 1 day
      All the other skills needs to be slowed down, too easy to raise already. And the new system will make them even faster if they aren’t tweaked

      Power Players
      All these changes above affect power players. Some for better some for worse. They already have low damage, and people surviving longer in PvP will make it harder for them to kill people. But they will not be dispelled as easiliy and they wont be as easy to mana drain either. Which means they arent as squishy
      Some things will also be in their favor such as caster armors that work against warriors, but they will not be as effective against thieves/rangers anymore and they still rely on magic damage to fight any classe seeing as their physical damage is very low.
      They will not be as dangerous with their dispels and curses seeing as the loss of buffs aren’t as big a deal anymore
      Lowered prots will favour PPs as tanks in dungeons but also in PvP
      As in the case of all classes. They won’t be as deadly, but they won’t be as squishy either

      This will balance out classes and diminish some functions that are OP and exploitable.

      Give mages/bards a place in hunt/PvP

      Make it easier for early game/new players

      Actually equipping gear will help you in a PvP as well as a PvM fight

      Buffs are still very much viable, but not gamebreaking, so you can hunt even if you don’t have a spec 6 mage almost as good as those who have

      PvP fight will be longer and more interesting. You arent automatically dead if you are dispelled

      More functions of the game are brought to life. Things that was just stuff you automatically trashed can now be useful.

      Brings some more variation to the game as a class can choose different playstyles depending on their GM weapon of choice.

      If you have your based stats capped, it will equal maybe what a spec 3 boost is today. And spec 6 boosted will equal spec 6 boosted today. Every boost between nothing and spec 6 will close the gap. But you are relativly strong without a high boost, but as strong as now with a high boost.

      The way this affects PvM is that you don’t need a super boost to hunt. Gear will make a difference.


          Thanks for the solid feedback. I’ve added it to the to-do list for ZHO 3.0.

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            Well done on the info Loki. Even though I do not agree with everything above…it seems Nagash does.

            What I would like to know though…what’s the ETA for 3.0?

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              I think Loki did a good job with the balancing things out. but to add to the economy part, if you are going to reduce the gold from everything except hunting, some of the prices need to come down around everything but tomes and trans scrolls. Houses are insanely expensive, 30k to change your hair style, shit like that is a bit much lol. its a hair style, not game breaking. lol.

              And even with the balancing and start of Omega3.0, I don’t think you need to do a character wipe. I don’t play this game to macro over and over and over. in 1.0 I got my characters to where I wanted them, then shut down and wiped. finally decide to get back into it again, and my characters are again where I want them, and now we are talking about another wipe. I can get behind a item wipe, but I don’t think I can get behind a complete wipe again. I love this server, and I love what you guys are doing as staff. but you can balance the server without wiping characters. if people haven’t maxed their characters out in the 6 months it has been back up, that’s on them, not on the player base that have spent the time macroing.

              Don’t take that as a “Turmoil Cry Baby” rant. just speaking my opinions.

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                may be for Omega.v3 off Archery and Fencing to thiefs and add 6poison absorb resist poison? lol why where all admins listen Loki and etc from Guild[1] … and not listen other players …. on Omega.v3 we play without more ppl… its server for friends or for ppls???

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                  for mages off penalti to damage and make base 100 hiding , 100 stealth , 150 archery , and In Nox spell -60 and not work poison protection)))) oh and tracking 100 and ForensicEval for free … good idea?))))

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                    orks777, perhaps you should add comments and be productive, be insightful and offer change, instead of attempting to derail this thread with pointing fingers(as always) to (1).

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                      I would also hate to see a character wipe to be honest. For me, this game is about hunting and making friends/enemies etc, not about spending endless time on macroing my characters.

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                        I like everything

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                          I’m all for this stirrin’ up the pot business. But I also understand that this would be a huge undertaking for the dev(s).

                          Changing stats and core mechanics like this will turn balance in both pvm and pvp on its head but it would be really cool if we could get some test instance of the server up and eventually try it out.

                          If you are going to stick with some sort of “seasons” like 1.0 and 2.0 pretty much have been you have a decent chance at refining the zulu concept over the iterations I think. But testing will be of utter importance.

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                            Hi Nagash,
                            started playing a while ago , was just wondering is this a test shard 2.0 ?
                            when does 3.0 start and will there be a full character and skill wipe ? :O

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                              Nice writeup.

                              Im all for a character wipe again, takes about a week to get to level 4 i’d say, not too bad.

                              This isnt a Test shard Gensmo, its a fully fledged shard with a “seasonal” system basically. Its lovely. Last season lasted a year, i’d like to see this one just be max 6 months.


                                  Right now there is no plan for ZHO 3.0. We are most likely aiming for a release in summer. A full wipe is not planned either. Most likely it will be an item wipe or a reset to 130 skill. For now we just gather feedback like this and see which stuff needs to be addressed and tested. It all depends on how much time the staff/dev has. We do read most of the topics here and we do appreciate topics like this one. Keep up the good work.

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                                    I, actually have a suggestion for if/when the item wipe comes.

                                    It’s been done on previous shards and was, honestly, my favorite thing about those shards. Guild owned/operated towns. With the item wipe, many houses owned by players who left will be gone, freeing up some prime real estate. I would love to see guilds creating their own little communities. It could spark more interaction between players/guilds, as well as offer a fairly entertaining and worthwhile money sink.

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