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      Some things I think you should look at.
      First of all, GM shield – Give the exact same armor as crafted shields like Elven/Darkness shields. Due to the fact that they are INCREDIBLY rare shouldnt the armor atleast be 5-10 more in armor? That would atleast be quite realistic.

      And about the prots that the gm shield got. Lets say I got Darkness Shield equipped at the same time I got Darkness platemail legs equipped and I change from the Darkness Shield/1-tile weap to a spear. Then I will lose the protection that the Darkness legs gives in necro protection.
      I know that is usually the case when you got two things equipped and the other gives a higher prot, but should that really be the case when two items give the exact same protection?
      I dunno really if my english makes any sense, but I hope so 🙂

      // GoofyBear

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        It happens with every prot ore parts also. If you use Destruction and Crystal and you take out any of them your earth prot will be lowered to zero even if you still wearing one of them.

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          same with leather and jewelry.

          i removed one jewelry and got 0% prot from my sleeaves


              I’ve added it to the list. We will take a look at it.

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