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      Currently you need to be at max stamina (100%) in order to pass through NPCs. This is a little annoying sometimes, e.g. in towns when there are NPCs blocking tight paths between counters, seeing as you often drop 1 point when moving, thus hindering your movement. Maybe reducing it to 90% of max stamina or something so you can at least move around town freely.
      Towns are harder to maneuver than dungeons are, maybe that’s intended (if you want us to go out in the wilds more, just say so – no need for these subtle hints making life difficult for us! :))


          I will add it to the list and see if something can be done about it. Thanks for the feedback.

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            And/or stamina regen could be increased when standing still for a bit or something. Would be really nice to be able to “rest” in some way… But that is maybe not true to the UO style 🙂


                Unfortunately this issue is client-sided and thus we cannot fix it.

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