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      So, has anyone got tips or info on stat gain?

      I recall hearing that stats won’t increase from using skills that can not increase, but I am not sure if its true. Can anyone confirm/refute?

      And another question, do stats gain faster if you have more skill gain?
      In 3 hours of using a skill at 50, you’ll gain much more skill that using that same skill at level 110 for 3 hours. Does this result in more stat gain over that same period?



          Hi lothar, try training skills that are best for the stat you want to gain. like wrestling for stength and fencing for dexterity.

          Its true that you wont gain stats in case you lock down your skill gain.

          And you will have to try that last part out for yourself.

          Good luck!

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            Thanks for the feedback Dreams.
            Already figured to do fencing for dex etc, that part has worked well so far.

            Regarding locked skills, does that also apply to capped skills?
            (So using inscription while its at 130 wont give int gain?)

            And for the trying out, I’ll do that some time but it’ll take some time and effort to set up in a way that exclude other factors. Once I have some free days I’ll run a trial and post results here for anyone interested.

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              Pretty sure you gain stats from capped skills that aren’t locked. Rangers typically cap str/dex long after archery for example.

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                Here is an idea. To gain Str. All you have to do is Wrestle a bull. Set your skill downward when you have enough STR you want. These are tips i learned back in 2000 when playing in South africa.
                After your required STR you decrease skill by setting the arrow Downward and wrestling again till its 0.

                To gain Dex. Get some Iron ores and start tinkering. Tinkering increases dex real easy.
                Once again after the aquired Dex you can just unlearn Tinkering by setting it down.

                Next you can increase your Intel by just Macroing some arms lore. After your required amount. Just unlearn it.

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                  I wouldn’t really do skills which require resources for this type of training. Wrestling/tactics/parrying is the obvious combo for str. Hiding is the easiest for dex. Arms and ev int for int.

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